At Bluebird you will find


Your Home in the Alps

A big mountain hut for you and 20 of your friends or a small mountain house for you and 10 of your friends.

Or are you looking for a nice double room during the week at a house in the middle of nature with hiking, mountain biking, delicious meals, ski touring and private yoga sessions?

Or are you looking to plan an Event and are looking for a unique location?


Mountain Adventures in Tirol

Sometimes the best Adventures are the ones closest to home.  We can happily organize custom adventures for you with mountain guides, hiking guides, split board and ski touring guides and yoga instructors...

Snowshoe' N' Yoga

Ladies SplitBoard Camp

Build your Own Snowboard


Balkan Catskiing Adventures

We always like a grand adventure especially when we can take you with us!  You and your friends can join us in the Balkans for some amazing Catskiing runs!

Macedonian Catskiing Advenutre

Balkan Catskiing Adventure