A Closer Connection to the Mountain


 Have you ever wanted to build your own snowboard?  Design that perfect 'pow surfer' or tweak the camber to fit your riding style specifically?  This fall we are offering a 'Build your own Board' week in partnership with Baguette Boards.  You will have the chance to test Baguettes full fleet at Stubai Glacier and discuss with the board maker Ben the right board for you.  Through the workshops you dial in the exact specs for your board with ben and the final construction is left to the expert. 

After a day on the slopes we head over to Hubird where there we will have a technical seminars to discuss the science behind the snowboards and try to find the correct board shape for each participant.  We will also learn about the different materials used, the way the boards are constructed and variation in their stiffness.  We also have a Graphic artist, Klara, who will be there for a day to help design your personal graphic to have on your board.  All of this paired with the comfy Hospitality at Hubird with your Bluebird Team taking care of you.  Don't miss out on a chance to build your board in Style for the 18/19 season!

An Overview of your week:



get settled meet the team and your fellow builders as we grill up a storm at the welcome BBQ.  Hit the hay early to be ready for a day on the glacier OR throw on the skivies and grab a beer as you soak in the 270° panoramic alpine view from the wood fired hot tub.


Early morning Breakfast and coffee and then we head over to Stubai (ca. 1 hour) where Ben from Baguette will have his full test range of boards available for us to Ride.  This is a perfect chance for you to pick his brain and start zeroing in on what the perfect board might be for you. Dinner and Chilling back at Hubird for the evening.


tirol werbung-benoit-blanchard-6594.jpg

Relaxed breakfast and then we dive right into board theory, their different shapes and what the right shape for you will be.  From there we take it to the workshop where we will begin work on a mini snowboard for the group to demonstrate the process.  use the afternoon for some hiking & hut visiting around Hubird or find a hammock and take it easy day dreaming about nose butters with your new board.


Graphics day!  Klara, an Talented artist from Innsbruck, is at Hubird to visit and help you create your board graphics.  Thats right not only do you get your custom board shape and design but graphics too.  She will help you work through your desired graphics whether they be inlay, drawings, different colors or print outs.  Tonight we bust out the Projector, whip up some bluebird style popcorn and thrown on the latest Snowboard film .. it is never too early to get stoked for winter!


Start the day with fresh brewed coffee and your 3rd technical seminar for building a snowboard.  Deep dive into snowboard structure, specific materials and stiffness.  This is also your chance to decide on those exact specifics for your own board.  After a full day of building throw on that funky Hawaii shirt and get ready for our final BBQ, some tasty tunes and a few cocktails to celebrate a great week and your new snow slider!


enjoy a nice, relaxed breakfast and some relaxation in the hammock.  Check out is at 11 - now all there is to do is wait for your board to arrive as it is pressed and do a snow dance every day ;).