For a long time we, Waldemar & Chrissi, spent our winters in the french alps and summers on the coast living out of our bus.  Many evenings, over a bottle of wine, were spent dreaming: a surf lodge, cafe at the seaside, a hostel or mountain hut in the alps... In the beginning it was just an idea, an idea that started to take shape in the form of our first hostel.  in 2010, we rented an old farmhouse in tirol with our friend susi and together started the Bluebird mountain hostel, thus laying the foundation for many adventures to come...


The idea for the Bluebird mountain hostel started with finding a place that we ourselves enjoyed visiting on vacation.  A relaxed and beautiful location with plenty of ski slopes to explore and backcountry options from the front door.  we also wanted to find an area where we could meet like minded and adventurous individuals.  We didn't need anything luxurious rather just a house where one could truly feel 'at home'in and share this feeling with our guests.  And we were able to find exactly this in zillertal and for 7 years we enjoyed many great stories and laughs with incredible guests.  Many of these guests became friends, friends that wanted to take part in our dream.


our friend susi found her next project, but we are so grateful for her help in the beginning, for her trust and most of all for many a wonderful evening spent together.  During this time, one of our 'regulars' to visit the mountain hostel was lars.  First he helped us out for a summer in the hostel and then he simply stayed. he is still here.  Together, in 2014, we opened the Bluebird Freeride Base in zillertal.


in 2016 the adventure continued, together with tyler. and the adventure did not just continue rather the adventure took leaps and bounds ahead.  Together we founded a small travel company, Board Bagged.  Tyler is one of our guests who became a friend and then he too simply stayed ;).  At the end of 2016 tyler entered the bluebird team as partner and with him our 3 (w0)man team was complete.  Board Bagged encompasses the different Bluebird mountain Lodges and offers Adventure travels.

We believe that everything one builds from the heart and with passion

will turn into something special

Our newest passion project is called Hubird, and is in Navis.  Hubird was once an old Gasthaus, Hubertus, that we renovated with lots of love (and sweat & blood).  In September 2017 we close the doors at the Bluebird Mountain Hostel and move to Navis 'the valley of love' as the locals call it.  our new 'home base'.  Simply put, Navis is pure nature with its own small T-bar exiting right at our new front door.  The house backs up to a ski touring and splitboarding paradise.  We - Tyler, Chrissi and waldemar, are ready to bring the bluebird vibe to Hubird for the next chapter of (y)our adventure.

Never stop dreaming

coming soon... a dream that we still have not been able to let go of after all these years, is to open a relaxed surf lodge in alentejo, portugal... Our second home.  We found and bought the perfect ruin in 2012 and since then have been making plans & saving & saving.  We just built a new roof and well 'everything the one builds from the heart and with passion will turn into something special' ;)


Chasing your dreams isn't always easy.  WE want to thank everyone that has helped us in this pursuit.  

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