A short Update (with a stupid dance)

On the gondola ride up to the GerlosteinWand today, Tyler had to dance.  He had to dance for many reasons... (and apologies if you watch the whole thing)  

Here are a few reasons to dance:

  1. Sunny, spring turns, resort or touring all day.  Beautiful views.  Resort skiing still has a good, long month ahead of it and touring... well touring goes on forever right?
  2. Bluebird Mountain Lodges now have a WOOD! FIRED! PIZZA! OVEN!.... PIZZZZZZA (it deserves its own blog post)  - so we have been pizza partying every night for the last week perfect our pizza skills.  Want us to cook you pizza?  Just ask :)
  3. On the theme of wood fired... Hubird now has a WOOD! FIRED! HOT TUB! (also deserves its own post) But we definitely need to get a few groups in for a soak under the stars before we name the beauty!  Book soon to help us name our new Swedish hot tub.

side note: don't forget to 'spring forward' this weekend with the time change... evenings on the terrace are about to get a lot longer.